Instructions about photographs for pan card application – each applicant for new pan card or correction pan card or re-print pan card should keep following instructions / guidelines in his mind while making the application :-


* Two colored photos (same) will be required.

* Back ground of the photos should be plain in single colour and light colour background is always preferred.

* Both the ears should be clear in photos i.e.the photos should be from front side. Side photo is not allowed.

* Generally, photo should be of the size of 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm but in case of over-sized photo, it should not come outside the area of application form and on the same time, it should not be pasted above the signature column/space.

* If any over-sized photo is cut to short, in any condition head, hair and main face should not be cut.

* Photographs should be always pasted with gum-paste and never use the pin or straple pin for pasting the photographs.

* No signature or thumb impression or notary’s seal and signature should be made on right-hand side photograph.

* Left hand side signature on the application form should be made across the photo partly on photograph and partly on paper.

* In case of any doubt, please see and follow filled ‘Sample Form’ available on .

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