Income-tax Department of Govt. of India has given facility to verify / know  the PAN (Permanent Account Number) of any person including himself on it’s website www. and verification can also be made by clicking on ‘Know Your PAN (ITD)’ on .

The Searching / verifying person will have to fill minimum ‘Date Birth’ and Surname / Last Name of the person whose PAN No. is being searched. For perfect result in single shot, searching person may/should also fill Fist Name and Middle Name but if such persons are in multiple (More than one), then searching person shall have to fill further more information on next page such as his ‘Father’s First Name’, ‘Father’s Surname (Last Name)’ compulsorily and father’s middle name additionally. After filling all these data / details PAN Number, Complete Name and Assessing Officer of that person will come / reflect on screen.

Problem : Problem arises in case of multiple (More than one) PAN holders with identical name and father’s name has only ‘Last Name’ as ‘Full Name’ and there is no ‘First Name’ of the father. In that case, this search / verification can not be completed with results. This is serious mistake in the Govt. website which requires immediate correction by removing compulsion of ‘first name of father’.

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