In India, PAN ( Permanent Account No.) and PANCARD issued by Income-tax Department of Govt. Of India and correction in data of PANCARD is also made. In case of loss of pancard, reprint & reissue of pancard is also done. New PAN, PANCARD and Correction Pancard or Reprint of Pancard is also issued and all these facilities are also allowed to NRI (Non Resident Indian) residing out side India including US Citizens (Citizens of United States Of America).


An US Citizen will have to apply in Form 49AA in case of new PAN and will have to apply for ‘Correction Pancard or Reprint of Pancard’ in prescribed form which is common for Indians and US Citizens. Format of prescribed form 49AA and Correction Correction are available on our website in it’s Downloads.

Service of New Pancard and ‘Correction Pancard or Reprint of Pancard’ is available semi-online as well as offline. In case of offline application, application duly filled and complete in all respect should be filed / deposited with any TIN-FC of NSDL or UTI physically in India whereas semi-online service is provided by Govt. companies like NSDL and UTI and by some private service provider companies like Moon Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd (Through and An US Citizen can apply online through any company as per his/her satisfaction but mind that charges of private companies are higher than the charges of Govt. companies but one can feel, the difference between services of private companies and Govt. companies.

In case of online service of PANCARD, US Citizen will have to send two colored photgraphs affixed on duly signed hard copy of application or on the part of application or on some contents of application (varies company to company) but in all applications made online, Photographs and signatures will be required by the service provider companies alongwith self attested copy of Passport through post or courier and therefore, we are terming it as ‘Semi-online service’ as it is not 100% online.


An US Citizen can get delivery of his/her PANCARD in India also provided he has eligible proof of local address of India but It is also important to mention that an US Citizen can keep and maintain more than one PANCARD of the same PAN No. (as second original pancard) and it is advisable also.

Now, any US Citizen can also apply online for Correction in pancard, Lost Pancard, Duplicate Pancard, Reprint & Reissue of Pancard and Second Original Pancard (Indian pancard) through Moon Soft’s websites and for which both online payment facility and offline payment facility are also available. –

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