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Precautions for Illiterate Applicant : All other formalities are same for all applicants. But in case of an illiterate applicant of pan card, he will have to put his/her thumb impressions at total three places instead of signatures. First Thumb Impression should be put on left side photo (Half on photo and half on paper but not on face ) and should be attested by NotarySecond Thumb Impression should be put within the box below the right-hand side photo but without attestation by NotaryThird Thumb Impression should be put within the box at the bottom of application on the right-hand and should be attested by Notary.


In any condition, no impression of Thumb Impression and Notary attestation should come on right hand side photo. Notary attestation may be made in little side to avoid any impression on photo as well as thumb impression if done near to right hand side photo and thumb impression box.

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4 thoughts on “Filled Sample Form Pan Application

  1. i wan to know where to fill up the guardian’s details in PAN application in case the applicant below 18 and when the same will be regularized ??? for that i have to re submit the PAN application ?? pls reply

    • Dear Krishna,

      On the second page of application as ‘Representative Assessee’ but if you are applying through, this information will be filled by us –

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