हमें  कई प्रोप्राइटरशीप / मालिकी फर्म  के  नए पैन कार्ड के लिए कई आवेदन प्राप्त  होते  है , लेकिन  आयकर अधिनियम, 1961  के प्रावधानों के अनुसार  प्रोप्राइटरशीप / मालिकी फर्म को कोई स्वतंत्र दर्जा प्राप्त  नही है  और इसलिए प्रोप्राइटरशीप / मालिकी फर्म  के  लिए अलग से  पैन कार्ड नही  मिलता है ।सभी व्यावहारिक उद्देश्यों के लिए मालिक का  पैन नंबर ही प्रोप्राइटरशीप / मालिकी फर्म  का  पैन कार्ड, व  पैन नम्बर होता है ।
We receive many applications for new pan card of proprietorships / proprietorship firms / proprietorship concerns but  proprietorship / proprietorship firm / proprietorship concern has no independent status as per provisions of Income-tax Act, 1961 and therefore, no pan card can be applied / prepared / obtained for a proprietorship / proprietorship firm / proprietorship concern independently.
For all practical purposes, the PAN Number of the proprietor of that  proprietorship / proprietorship firm / proprietorship concern will also be the PAN of that proprietorship / proprietorship firm / proprietorship concern .
Many educated people and even some bankers also ask / demand sometimes for PAN / Pancard of proprietorship / proprietorship firm / proprietorship concern  which is total wrong and impossible. No doubt, partnership Firm, Company, HUF, Association has separate PAN but for income-tax purpose, proprietor and his proprietorship / proprietorship firm / proprietorship concern is only one person.
Even an individual,  a partnership Firm and a company can have it’s  more than one proprietorship / proprietorship firm / proprietorship concern but PAN remains always only ‘ONE’ that too in the name of  proprietor and in the name individual who is proprietor of the proprietorship concern.

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