FAQs are not a part of PAN application form but these are just for your help and guidance


(Rules to be Followed before Filling the Application and  Despatching the Hard Copy of Application)(पैनकार्ड  आवेदन  पत्र  भरने व भेजने सम्बन्धी नियम )

  1. CORRECTION  IN HARD COPY OF APPLICATION : After filling and taking the print-out of the online application, can any correction is allowed ? क्या प्रिंटेड फार्म में सुधार संभव है ?

Yes, if applicant finds any mistake in the application, he can make the correction by hand by using whitener (eraser) and black ball-pan. हां , कर सकते है

  1. PHOTOGRAPHS – What rules relating to photographs / signatures should be followed by the applicant ? (फोटो  सम्बन्धी  नियम )
    • Two clear, digital, front faced with plain & clear back ground of passport size  photos should be affixed in the two boxes provided on the top of application. दिए हुए दो बॉक्स में दो  साफ,  अच्छी , सीधे चहरे वाली व  प्लेन बैकग्राउंड वाली फोटो चिपकाये
    • In case of oversized photos, photos may be cut but it must not be cut on upper side (head/hair)and head/hair  should remain complete & Clear. बड़ी साइज की फोटो होने पर सिर की तरफ से नहीं काटे
    • No signature, thumb impression, impression of Notary public or any other impression should come on Right Hand Side Photo and Right Hand Side Photo should be clear and free from all types of impressions.  दाहिना फोटो एकदम बेदाग / क्लियर होना चाहिए      
    • Photos should not be also bluer and stapled .  फोटो अच्छा हो लेकिन स्टेपल नहीं करे 
    • Right Hand side photo should not be affixed on Signature BOX provided just below the space for Photo but it should be pasted  as displayed in following  images – (दाहिनी तरफ का फोटो हस्ताक्षर बॉक्स के ऊपर ही  नहीं चिपकाये – नीचे चित्र देखे 

(Left side Box)

बाया बॉक्स

right-sign(Right Hand Side Box)

 दाहिना बॉक्स

bottom-sign(At Bottom of Application)

 फॉर्म  के अंत में हस्ताक्षर बॉक्स

  1. SIGNATURES (हस्ताक्षर ) – What rules relating to Signatures  should be followed by the applicant ?
    • Applicant need to put his / her total 3 signatures (Preferrably in Black Ink) in PAN application form  as displayed here-in-above in paragraph 2(C) . काली इंक से कुल तीन हस्ताक्षर 
    • The signature on left side photo should be sign in such a way that your partial signature should come on form and partial on left side photo (across the photo)  as reflecting  in the above image. बाया हस्ताक्षर  ‘थोड़ा बाये फोटो पर’ व ‘थोड़ा पेपर’ पर  क्रॉस में करे  
    • The signature on right hand side must  come within the box just provided below the ‘right hand side photo’ and signature should  not cross the boundries of the Signature Box. दाहिना  हस्ताक्षर  तयशुदा ‘हस्ताक्षर बॉक्स’ में ही करे  लेकिन  फोटो के ऊपर बिलकुल नहीं  
    • The 3rd signature at the bottom of application on right hand side, must  come within the given box. तीसरा  हस्ताक्षर  फॉर्म के अंत में   दाहिनी  तरफ  हस्ताक्षर बॉक्स ‘ में ही करे   
  1. NAME OF APPLICANT– पैनकार्ड पर नाम  : What rules relating to Name should be followed by the applicant ?
    • Name should exactly (100% – alphabet to alphabet & gap to gap ) match with  the eligible Photo I.D. proof relied upon / used by the applicant.  आइडेंटिटी  प्रूफ से नाम शतप्रतिशत मिलना चाहिए   
    • Initials are not allowed in the first name and last name. However, initial can be used in the middle name but matching with the Photo I.D. proof.  To know more about valid / invalid initials, click on the link http://pancard.org.in/valid-initials-in-name-for-pancard/ प्रथम व अंतिम नाम में इनिशियल (लघु नाम) मान्य नहीं है   
  1. What is  the First Name, Middle Name and Last Name in case  of an individual?
    • In case of one word name, that should be written as LAST NAME only. एक शब्दीय नाम हमेशा ‘अंतिम नाम ‘ के रूप में लिखे   
    • In case of two words name, there will be no middle name. दो  शब्दीय नाम में कोई  ‘मध्य  नाम ‘ नहीं होता है   
    • In case of more than three words name, First word will be the ‘First Name’, Last word will be the ‘Last  Name and all other words will be treated as middle name. तीन शब्दों से ज्यादा वाले नामो   में प्रथम  शब्द  ‘प्रथम  नाम ‘,  अंतिम शब्द ‘अंतिम नाम ‘ व शेष  सभी ‘मध्य  नाम ‘ होता है   
  1. NAME TO BE PRINTED ON PANCARD (पैनकार्ड पर नाम ): What rules relating to ‘Name to be printed on pancard’ should be followed by the individual applicant ?

LAST NAME  should compulsorily be part of the name to be printed on pancard‘अंतिम नाम ‘ / सरनेम  पैनकार्ड में जरुरी होता है    

  1. ID  PROOFS (आई डी प्रूफ)  :  What rules relating to ‘ID Proofs ‘should be followed by the applicant ?
  • Copy / copies of 3 ID Proofs for Name, address and Date of Birth is/are required to be submitted with the hard copy of Application ? नाम, पत्ता व जन्म तारीख प्रमाण  पत्र की प्रतिलिपियाँ आवेदन पत्र के साथ भेजनी होती  है   
  • Alone ID like Driving License and Passport is valid for all the three purpose i.e. Name, address and Date of Birth. जन्म तारीख के साथ अकेला वोटर कार्ड या  आधार कार्ड या ड्राइविंग लाइसेंस या पासपोर्ट  तीनो जरुरतो के लिए सर्वोत्तम प्रूफ है   
  • Except few Ids (prescribed certificates and Affidavits) which are required originally, clear photo copies of all other Ids are sufficient. प्रमाण पत्र व शपथ पत्र मूल रूप से व अन्य  आई डी प्रूफ की   फोटोकॉपी  भेजनी होती है       
  • For the complete list of eligible ID Proofs, you may please visit at मान्य आई डी प्रूफ की पूरी लिस्ट के लिए विजिट करे  http://pancard.org.in/requirement-id-address-and-date-of-birth-proofs-for-pan-card-application/  .
  • No original Id proof (except prescribed certificates and Affidavits) should be sent with application. कोई भी आई डी प्रूफ (प्रमाण पत्र व शपथ पत्र को छोड़कर ) मूल रूप से नहीं भेजे      
  1. How & where the hard copy of application should be sent ? आवेदन कहा भेजना है ? 
  • Hard copy of application along with all required eligible ID proofs, should be sent by registered post or Speed Post for assured delivery.  However, applications may be sent by Couriers also. आबेदन व आवश्यक आई डी प्रूफ रजिस्टर्ड डाक या स्पीड पोस्ट से भेजना ज्यादा सुरक्षित है  
  • If you have to send more than one application (Of your group, family or friends), all the applications (more than one)  can be sent in one/common envelope. ग्रुप  की एक से ज्यादा आवेदन एक ही लिफाफे  में भेज सकते है   
  • Envelope containing PAN Applications/s should be sent to – निम्न पत्ते पर भेजे-

SUMERPUR 306902,

  •  After giving the online order, Hard copy of application should reach to above mentioned address within 15 days from the date order for expeditious results. आर्डर देने से 15 दिन के अंदर अंदर आवेदन को उपरोक्त पत्ते पर भेजे  
  1.  MINOR’S APPLICATION ( नाबालिग का आवेदन) :  What rules relating to ‘Minor’s Application’ should be followed ?
    • Two photos of  Minor must be affixed (pasted) on the application as guided above. नाबालिग के दो फोटो चिपकाये  
    • Either of parent (Mother or Father) of minor should sign the application. माता या पिता ही हस्ताक्षर करे  
    • Copies of personal Ids and Address proof of applicant’s  signing parent will be required.सारे आई डी प्रूफ हस्ताक्षर करने वाले माता या पिता के ही भेजे 
    • Proof of DOB of minor himself will be required.  जन्म तारीख का प्रमाण नाबालिग का ही  भेजे  
  2. HUF’S APPLICATION (एच.यु. एफ़.) :  What rules relating to ‘HUF’s Application’ must  be followed ?
  • No photo of Karta / Member of HUF should be affixed on the application. कर्ता  का फोटो नहीं लगाये  
  • Karta of HUF should sign the application at all the three places in same manner but without photo. ऊपर दिखाए गए तीन स्थानो पर ऊपर दिखाए अनुसार कर्ता हस्ताक्षर करे  
  • Copies of personal Ids and Address proof of Karta of HUF should be sent. कर्ता का एक शपथ पत्र भेजे व प्रारूप वेबसाइट से डाउनलोड कर सकते है   
  • Original Notarised Affidavit on stamp paper of Rs. 10/-  or as applicable in the state (Containing Date of Birth /Creation of HUF) should be sent. Format of affidavit can be downloaded from www.pancard.org.in .
  1. PARTNERSHIP FIRM’S APPLICATION ( भागीदारी फर्म )</strong>:  What rules relating to ‘Firm- application’ must  be followed ?
  • No photo of  any partner should be affixed on the application.  किसी भी भागीदार का  फोटो नहीं लगाये  
  • Any one partner of firm must sign (without seal) the application at all the three places in same manner but without photo. ऊपर दिखाए गए तीन स्थानो पर ऊपर दिखाए अनुसार कोई भी एक भागीदार हस्ताक्षर करे  
  • Copy of Firm Registration Certificate or partnership Deed (Containing address of the firm) must be sent with hard copy of application. भागीदारी फर्म की डीड  या भागीदारी रजिस्ट्रेशन सर्टिफिकेट  की प्रतिलिपि  भेजे    
  1. COMPANY’S APPLICATION :  What rules relating to ‘Company- application’ must  be followed ?
  • No photo of  any Director  should be affixed on the application.
  • Any one Director of Company must sign (without seal) the application at all the three places in same manner but without photo.
  • Copy of Company Incorporation / Registration Certificate must be sent with hard copy of application.
  1. How to contact if needed ? जरुरत पड़ने पर कहाँ  संपर्क करे  ?
  • Applicant  can contact us / our TEAM at info@etdsdsc.com . In case of  urgency and if needed, company will contact you on your telephone number.


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  1. I checked my status(Ack-074429700053332) is “Your application for ‘New PAN Card or/and Changes or Correction in PAN Data’ is under process at NSDL”.

  2. Hi,
    I have sent couple of e-mails, but dint get any response from your end. Even mailed to info@etdsdsc.com. The mail was regarding extension of document submission date and also about the query regarding correction in the application form is allowed or not?( as complete address to be corrected).
    Eagerly waiting for reply of my mails.

    • Dear Vidyashree,

      Sorry for inconvenience. Please send your hard copy of application with copies of valid Ids with instruction on a slip for proposed correction. We will make the correction at our level. If you want to change / correct, you can make any correction with black ink ball pen by using whitener or you can leave it for us as per your satisfaction – http://www.pancard.org.in

  3. MY NAME IS MAYANK KAPOOR I WANT TO CREATE MY HUF CAN I CREATE IT BY NAME OOrjaa ASSOCIATES (HUF) OR OOrjaa (huf) or if it is not possible to create huf by any of the names mentioned above is it possible for me can i create my huf by the name kapoor & daughters (huf)…please clarify

    • Dear Kapoor,

      There is no restrictions on the name of HUF but it should be resembling withe the name of Karta partly. Deepak Kapoor & Duaghter HUF will be better advisable name.

  4. Dear Sir, I have applied PAN card nearly two years above, PAN card eturned for the reason at the time unable to stay at my place at Karaikal. AT present Iam unable to identyfy my PAN card detailes, Kindly inform my PAN card number and same received guidence. my date of birth 16/08/1994, my name NISHANTH, father name RAJASEKARAN S, my residence No.21 Mariyam Nagar, Karaikal 609602. kindly advise to me

  5. I had filled online application for the PAN and had got acknowledgement number but for some reasons i could not submit my documents within 15 days after online application, i don’t know what is the procedure could you please guide me?

    Also how important is company name in individual application of PAN, as i have not mentioned full name of company where i am working and if it is needed to be corrected how do i do it, please address these queries.

    thank you

  6. hi,
    I have applied for duplicate PAN on JUNE 2, 2015. Due to some reasons, could not submit documents to the specified address. So, may i know when is the last date for documents submission? If not possible, what is the procedure for refund? Also, kindly could you plz extend the date as I have to courier it from Bangalore (Karnataka)?

  7. Dear Vidyashree,

    Perhaps, you have not applied through our websites. However, Passport is best ID for all the 3 purposes. Rent agreement is not elgible for address proof. For Complete list of ID proofs, you may visit http://www.pancard.org.in

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