Since 03.02.2014, Date of Birth for pancard has become headache.  Particularly villagers, illiterate persons, senior citizens and old persons are not having any Birth Certificate. Therefore, in absence of Passport or driving license and birth certificate, an average applicant can have only one option to file an affidavit to be sworn before a Magistrate.

A format of such affidavit is available on and same may be downloaded from But in practice, it is very difficult to get the affidavit sworn before a magistrate. Please keep in mind that magistrate of any rank and cadre can attest such affidavit including Special or Executive Magistrates in Mumbai.

If case, such format of affidavit is not attested or accepted by the magistrate of any rank and cadre, Like in Rajasthan, there should be some procedure for affidavit to be sworn before Karyapalak Magisterate (Tehsildar or Nayab Tehsildar or Sub-Tehsildar or Asstt. Sub-Tehsildar) for registration of birth  before Registrar, Birth & Death (generally in Municipality / Gram Panchayat). Such affidavit can be used for pan card purpose without submitting to Registrar Birth & Death. In such cases, the format is generally prescribed by the state Governments. For this purpose, all such applicants are advised to take assistance, guidance or help of any document writer, stamp vendor, advocate practicing in Collectorate, SDM Office, Tehsil Office etc. of their area. 

By this process, one can get even his/her Birth Certificate also from Local Body (Municipality / Gram Panchayat). In such circumstances, one get Pan Card as well as Birth Certificate also. There are law and framed rules in each state.


  1. Hi,I want to make a pancard for my mother but she does not have a DOB certificate. Can you please tell me whom should I contact in Mumbai to sworn her before the magistrate. Is it necessary for her to be more than 50 years to sworn before the magistrate.Your reply will be greatly appreciated.Regards, Aarib Abraham
  2. Good Morning, My name is correctly mentioned on the AADHAR card but it is wrongly mentioned on the birth certificte. Only the name is different.Can I apply for a PAN card by submiting AADHAR as a POI and POA, and Birth Certioficate as a DOB Proof??Regards and Thanks, Imran
      1. the difference is in my first name, surname and middle name.First name is : Imran… its mentioned Emran fathers name is Bashir… its mentioned Basheer Surname : Sayyed… its mentioned Syedwill that work???
    1. Dear Sudeshkumar, VII class marksheet is not valid for DOB proof for PAN card. 10th class marksheet, birth certificate, passport, driving license are valid for DOB proof .
  3. Can I need any statement by known person who know me from my birth for “affidavit sworn before a magistrate stating the date of birth”. And is it mandatory to go to district magistrate of my district (North 24 Pgns, West Bengal)?
    1. Dear Partha,Affidavit should be sworn before any magistrate stating the date of birth And it is not mandatory to go to district magistrate of your district only. You must have Tehsildar as magistrate and SDM etc. or you may hany special magistrate.
  4. DEAR SIR, Sir agar mai nottery Public se affidavit karta of huf. And affidabit for date of birth tested karwaoun to vailed hai ya nai please batayan sir. thanking you this my email id dheerajkumar8986@live .com

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