Since 03.02.2014, Date of Birth for pancard has become headache.  Particularly villagers, illiterate persons, senior citizens and old persons are not having any Birth Certificate. Therefore, in absence of Passport or driving license and birth certificate, an average applicant can have only one option to file an affidavit to be sworn before a Magistrate.

A format of such affidavit is available on and same may be downloaded from But in practice, it is very difficult to get the affidavit sworn before a magistrate. Please keep in mind that magistrate of any rank and cadre can attest such affidavit including Special or Executive Magistrates in Mumbai.

If case, such format of affidavit is not attested or accepted by the magistrate of any rank and cadre, Like in Rajasthan, there should be some procedure for affidavit to be sworn before Karyapalak Magisterate (Tehsildar or Nayab Tehsildar or Sub-Tehsildar or Asstt. Sub-Tehsildar) for registration of birth  before Registrar, Birth & Death (generally in Municipality / Gram Panchayat). Such affidavit can be used for pan card purpose without submitting to Registrar Birth & Death. In such cases, the format is generally prescribed by the state Governments. For this purpose, all such applicants are advised to take assistance, guidance or help of any document writer, stamp vendor, advocate practicing in Collectorate, SDM Office, Tehsil Office etc. of their area. 

By this process, one can get even his/her Birth Certificate also from Local Body (Municipality / Gram Panchayat). In such circumstances, one get Pan Card as well as Birth Certificate also. There are law and framed rules in each state.


  1. Respected Sir,

    I have applied for my passport and my appointment date is 2nd july in Thane. My DOB is 25th april 1989.

    My problem is i have lost my birth certificate. I do not have any xerox copy also, but apart of Birth certificate i have my school L.C. Adhar card, Pan card, Driving license, Ration card & school, college, graduation results.

    Now as per new rule the applicant who has born after 26th jan 1989 for them birth certificate is compulsory. Is there any alternate solution for this. Can i do affidavit for my lost birth certificate and then take a NOC from plolice? will that work for me?

    Please help me in this matter, will appreciate your revert.

    Thank you,

    1. Dear Rahul,

      We don’t know about requirement of passport but for pancard, Driving License (if it contains DOB) is valid document for DOB.

  2. Sir how to obtain the affidavit sworn before magistrate in Chennai. Bcz my mom doesn’t have any other documents for DOB proof.
    Kindly reply sir as soon as possible.

    1. Dear Raj,
      You should contact any document writer or advocate to know how to obtain the affidavit sworn before magistrate in Chennai. You may also try to obtain Birth Certificate now also and for that again you will have to contact writer or advocate or Municipality Office. You may also try/attempt with notarised affidavit at your cost or rersponsibility.

    2. Hi Raj,

      Me too facing same problem for my Aunt. Did you get affidavit sworn before magistrate? if so please let me know how you got it. Thanks in advance for your help..

  3. sir i typed my sister’s name wrongly in online pan application last week.her documents are correct and dint match. pan status shows document invalid now. how can i change her name as those in her documents{ correct name}? pls help sir. im ready to pay 104 rs again also?

    1. Dear Mini,

      ‘ANITHA.K.R’ is not allowed as last name and in last name, more than one word is also not allowed.

      1. sir pls help how to write ANITHA.K.R. or K.R.ANITHA in pan application. i have my all proofs wit this name oly

        1. Dear Mini,

          Both ANITHA.K.R. or K.R.ANITHA are not allowed as first and last name as initial is not allowed. Try to obtain Certificate of Identity in original signed by M.P.,/ MLA/ Municipal Councillor/ Gazetted Officer with full name for name and address proof and Birth certificate will be accepted with little difference. Please go through the complete list of ‘Identity Proofs’ available on our website. Better you ask only for ANITHA.

      2. sir can i apply again afresh in new applicationor in pan correction apllication?i have got the acknwlgement ter any time limit to apply again?

        1. Dear Shani,

          If you have not been allotted PAN Number and your earlier application remains defective, you can apply afresh even with changed name but with matching IDs. You can also apply for correction of pancard after allotment of PAN No.

    1. Dear Mini,

      Single initial ‘R’ is not allowed as last name in pancard at present time. Single initial is allowed only as middle name. Therefore, please type full name as ‘Last Name’ matching with Id also.

  4. for a change in name,is a lawyer’s affidavit sufficient?? i only have a change of a single letter and i intend to submit it for future purposes

    1. Dear Anu,

      For pancard purpose, Id of changed name is required. Name can not be changed simply on the basis of affidavit.

    1. Dear Rohit,

      In support of Proof of Birth Date, you may please submit an affidavit duly sworn before any magistrate. Affidavit sworn before Notary is not acceptable for pancard purpose but you may try with Affidavit sworn before Notary at your cost and risk. We will try to get your application processed without any responsibility.

  5. Hello Sir/Madam,

    I applied for Correction in my PAN card few months back but couldn’t get yet. I got married last year so my surname has been changed. I enclosed almost all of my certificate including marriage certificate but they said that my name in documents does not match with the name i applied for.

    What should i do? I got my aadhaar card with my changed surname and address but only 1 document is not sufficient for PAN correction. How could my surname will change in my birth or matriculation certificate? They always will be with my maiden surname.

    Please suggest me what should i do?

    1. Dear Ankita,
      We think that you have not applied through our website. If you have not alloted your PAN, you may please apply with copy of your present Aadhar Card alongwith your matriculation certificate through our

  6. Sir I have applied pan card for my mother. I checked the acknowledgement in website and it says that pan card is delivered. But I didn’t get it. Can I reapply with same pan number. But I don’t have Xerox of pan nor her DOB now. Can u suggest

    1. Mr. Bhaskar,

      Please send email to nsdl again and again until you receive your pan card. On the same time you may please online apply for ‘reprint of pan card’ without having copy of pan card through with all Ids including proof for DOB.

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