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HOW TO CONVERT OLD BLACK & WHITE PAN CARD (ब्लैक & वाइट पेनकार्ड) INTO COLORED (कलर्ड) ?

If you are having Black & White pan card of old days, you can get one more coloured pan card in addition to your existing B & W (Black & White) Pancard. यदि आपके पास ब्लैक & वाइट पेनकार्ड है तो आप एक और रंगीन / कलर्ड पेनकार्ड ले सकते है .However, for getting a […]


REPRINT PANCARD / PAN CARD Reprint Pancard /  Pan card , Duplicate Pan Card , Second Original Pan Card and replacement of Black & white Pan card by colored pan card is the one and the same thing.  Same application form and procedure is required for Reprint Pancard /  Pan card , Duplicate Pan Card […]