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PAN CARD ADDRESS – Address On PAN CARD ? Now-a-days, Pan Card has become a valuable / important / compulsory document and valid identity proof for many actions in India. But it is an incomplete document and identity proof because it does not contain address of Pan Card Holder. Now, question arises, “Why the Address […]

APPLY DUPLICATE PAN CARD डुप्लिकेट पेनकार्ड

APPLY DUPLICATE  PAN CARD डुप्लिकेट पेनकार्ड If you have lost your pan card or your pan card has been destroyed or your pan card has been deshaped or unreadable or your pan card has been stolen, you need not to worry and need not to lodge any complaint or FIR any where. You have to […]

HOW TO CONVERT OLD BLACK & WHITE PAN CARD (ब्लैक & वाइट पेनकार्ड) INTO COLORED (कलर्ड) ?

If you are having Black & White pan card of old days, you can get one more coloured pan card in addition to your existing B & W (Black & White) Pancard. यदि आपके पास ब्लैक & वाइट पेनकार्ड है तो आप एक और रंगीन / कलर्ड पेनकार्ड ले सकते है .However, for getting a […]


Generally, ID proofs in India are required for 3 objects such as Photo Identity Proof, Address Proof and Date Of Birth Proof and for this purpose, following are the national level ID proofs in India for above said 3 requirements :- 1.  Pan Card :  Pan Card  is  also one of the best National ID proof but only for 2 objects such […]


Moon Soft Technologies Private Limited has launched one more free and guiding service for the pancard users and prospective pancard users in the name of and hope that this service will also serve the Pancard Applicants and Pancard Holders. Moon Soft has truied best to bring it’s all PAN Services under one roof like . […]

Postal Status Of PAN CARD – पैनकार्ड की डाक स्थिति

When the new, corrected or reprinted card is finally printed, it is dispatched by  Speed Post / Registered post  of Indian Post  or by A-class private couriers. Generally,  pan cards related to big towns / cities (served by A class Couriers) are dispatched by the couriers and to other places, pan cards are sent  / […]

PAN Complaint – पैन शिकायत – पैन आवेदकों की समस्याओं के लिए शिकायतें

एनएसडीएल या यूटीआई को ( चाहेऑनलाइन या ऑफलाइन ) प्रत्यक्ष या सेवा प्रदाताओं के माध्यम से पैन कार्ड आवेदन पत्र भेजने / जमा  कराने  के बाद  , पूरी प्रक्रिया भारत सरकार के आयकर विभाग  के नियंत्रण में व आयकर विभाग  की ओर से एनएसडीएल या  यूटीआई (जैसा भी मामला हो) द्वारा  की जाती  है । After submitting the PAN Card application to NSDL or UTI directly or through service providers (whether online or […]

PANCARD FOR PROPRIETORSHIP CONCERN – NOT POSSIBLE / प्रोप्राइटरशीप / मालिकी फर्म अलग से पेनकार्ड संभव नहीं

हमें  कई प्रोप्राइटरशीप / मालिकी फर्म  के  नए पैन कार्ड के लिए कई आवेदन प्राप्त  होते  है , लेकिन  आयकर अधिनियम, 1961  के प्रावधानों के अनुसार  प्रोप्राइटरशीप / मालिकी फर्म को कोई स्वतंत्र दर्जा प्राप्त  नही है  और इसलिए प्रोप्राइटरशीप / मालिकी फर्म  के  लिए अलग से  पैन कार्ड नही  मिलता है ।सभी व्यावहारिक उद्देश्यों के लिए मालिक का  पैन नंबर ही प्रोप्राइटरशीप […]

PAN Application for Correction or Reprint of Pan Card – Procedure and steps

An application for Reprint / Correction of PAN Card is processed step by step and for that following procedure and steps are followed if application is processed by NSDL e-Gov. :- 1. As per the procedure prescribed by the ITD, the application for allotment of PAN is required to be made in Form ‘ Request […]


  Deduction of tax is made at the prescribed rate if the deductee is having PAN No. and deduction is made @ 20% if  the deductee is not having PAN No.,  please visit this link ” “ Apply New / Correction / Duplicate Pan Card Get Company  / Directors / Data / Documents File Incometax Return Online Get […]