Now-a-days, Pan Card has become a valuable / important / compulsory document and valid identity proof for many actions in India. But it is an incomplete document and identity proof because it does not contain address of Pan Card Holder. Now, question arises, “Why the Address on PAN CARD (PAN CARD ADDRESS) is not printed on Pan Card ?”


It has been declared very recently that Pan Card (New / Reprint) will be issued with new design in dual languages i.e. Hindi and English with effect from 01.01.2017. It is very good. But there are some other important issues which are not drawing attention of the Indian Government. Therefore, through this post, we are requesting and demanding to Government Of India on following issues to make the Pan Card complete document and identity proof –


1. Correct Hindi Spelling : Indian Government should keep in mind that there may be more than one word for a single word in English. In those circumstances, there may be mistakes in printing the name / surname etc. in Hindi. Such type of mistakes have been observed in Aadhaar Card in many cases. For example – Surname “Moondra” in English may be printed / written automatically in Hindi as “ मूंदरा “ या “ मुंद्रा ” whereas correct surname is “ मूंदड़ा “. And thus, Hindi word will / may be incorrect. Therefore, applicant should be asked to furnish his / her correct spellings in Hindi (हिन्दी ) also for avoiding such mistakes.

2. PAN CARD ADDRESS – Address On PAN CARD : There is sufficient space on the back side of Pan Card. Therefore, complete address of Pan Card Holder should also be printed on the back of Pan Card. This will make it a good identity card and valuable document.

3. Free Pan Card without any charge : Pan Card should be availed free of cost like Aadhaar Card. At least first new Pan Card should be issued free of cost.

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Pan Card is short name of Permanent Account Number Card which is issued by Income-tax Department of Government Of India after allotting Permanent Account Number (PAN) in ten alpha-numerical  numbers. Every income-tax payer, income-tax assessee and the person from whose income any income-tax is deducted at source, are required to have Permanent Account No. / Pan Card but any person other than these can have also permanent Account Number / PAN /  Pan Card . Having a pan card does not gives the liability of income-tax and filing of income-tax return  and that is why pan card is commonly used in India as good identity card / Id.

Particularly, all the banks in India insist for PAN CARD and therefore also, pan card is very important document in India now-a-days. In fact, pan card is most beautiful and colorful government  Id in India. Not only this, it is most easily and conveniently available Identity Card and within easy approach of every Indian as well as of non-indian . A minor can not have Driving  License and Voter Identity card before the age of 18 years in India but  he / she can have a PAN CARD for a very nominal cost in comparison to Passport. Any interested person including minor can apply for Pan card through  and .

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