Pan Card – Proof for Date Of Birth

From February, 2014, rules for pancard application have been changed. Except Driving License and Passport, none other documents is perfect proof for Indentification, address proof and date of birth whereas  identity proofs for all the three purposes are required. Very few documents have been prescribed in support of date of birth. Apart from  Driving License and Passport, copies of only following documents will be valid  for date of birth for pancard purpose :-

1. Domicile Certificate ( Mool Niwas Pramanpatra   )

2.Birth Certificate

3. Pension Payment Order

4.  Marriage Certificate

5. Matriculation Certificate

6. Affidavit sworn before a Magistrate  stating the date of birth in original

216 thoughts on “Pan Card – Proof for Date Of Birth

  1. Dear sir,
    My father have hand written driving licence in which, in place of Krishna nandan only krishnandan has written. but it couldn’t accepted. Can i submit aadhar card copy as proof of date of birth.

    1. Dear Chandan,
      Happy Diwali to you and all readers,

      Aadhar card copy as proof of date of birth couldn’t be accepted. But, we accept Aadhar Card as ID and DL as proof of DOB for pancard purpose with little variation in name in DL –

  2. Sir i dont have any identity proof,but my father have own pan card so what i have to do for this ,and explain me sir what is the minor ,
    and what is difference betwwen minor and normal and what kind of advantage in between minor and normal pan card and sir also sujjest me sir firstly what i have to do for this plss

  3. Sir i have only mool niwash pramad patra and only 10th and 12th markaheet with photo copy and rashan but it not have stamp their is only sign of officer so what i have to doo all for this sir

  4. Sir i dont have any identity proof i have only mool niwas certificate and 10th and 12th marksheet with photo..and rashan card but in rashan card their is no stamp of officier only sign there so what wee have done for this please provide me

  5. my mother got magistrate affidavit for studying degree. Will it be considered for pan card Date of birth proof

  6. Dear Sir/Madam,

    My mother want to apply for PAN Card, she already had Voting card, Aadhar card where in only year of birth is mentioned. there is not proof of Date & month of birth.

    Please advice.

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